About Get Wavey

Get Wavey is about having fun, being playful and colourful, and bringing a sense of quirkiness to our living spaces. Our products are hand made from a home based studio in Mount Maunganui. They are a labor of love and creativity for us.

It all started one afternoon when myself and a friend were in my garage watching a flat mate build a tiled bedside table. We started drawing on some wood, getting our hands on some of his tools, playing with some paint and our first mirror was born. Looking back it was a terribly constructed product but the concept was there and we showed some friends and the feedback was incredibly encouraging. A friend asked me to make her a mirror for her living room and that was the beginning of making mirrors for friends. And then friends of friends. Now, they’re for everyone and anyone. 

I have a degree in textile design and so colour and pattern have always been an obsession of mine. I’m a hands on learner, like to create and having something to show for at the end of a working day, so being in our home-based studio is naturally my happy place. 

We have come a long way since our first mirror almost three years ago. And now have a structured production process, frame templates, an extensive power tool library, painting procedures and hundreds of satisfied customers across the country. 

The duo – Jess + Ben

The Process